Gary Hubbell


Gary Hubbell has served others for more than three decades. Across that wonderful span of time, he's come to listen for the voice of his vocation. As his awareness grows, Gary routinely asks himself: "What animates me? What fosters that total alignment of my gifts and my desires; my contributions and the opportunities I seek; my intention and my attention?"

Hubbell strives to strengthen organizations for inevitable change and greater impact. He gets animated by the passions and energies of individuals and teams (inside and outside organizations) who are trying to change the world. He is energized by people who are on the cusp of big moves-whether they're conscious of it or not-helping others "see" in new ways, illuminating blind spots on the path to great things-not for themselves but for our shared world.

This motivating intention has led to a career arc characterized by: learning to tell a clear story (public relations); discerning interests and attitudes (opinion research); unlocking potential (employing appreciative inquiry and organizational development); setting about on new directions (scenario thinking, planning, facilitation, organizational change initiatives); catalyzing opportunity and unlocking joy (all aspects of philanthropy); and curating meaningful conversations (executive coaching and GHC Conversations).

Gary's work is a source of energy and renewal; an opportunity to learn and to teach; an opportunity to immerse himself in the noble pursuits of gifted and impassioned colleagues. He is animated by participating with people who have the courage to walk into their fear and through it, in pursuit of something they can uniquely contribute to making the world a better place.

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