GHC Conversation Essays

Following are a number of resources available for free and immediate download.

Conversation 2015 Essays

The Pursuit of "Organizational Excellence" and Sustained Concerted Action in Community
The Prevailing Assumptions About the Way the World Works and the Sector's Predominant "Theory in Use" About Concerted Action
Vital Characteristics of Effective Collaboration and Why Concerted Action is a Much More Difficult Path For Organizations
Grassroots Generosity as a Catalyst for Social Change
Leadership Empowerment, Learning, Adjusting, and Improvising to Create Systemic Change

GHC Conversation 2014 - Right Being, Wise Action, In Community


Right Being

Wise Action

In Community

GHC Conversation 2013 - Resilience: Intentional Practice for the Social Sector


GHC Conversation 2012 - The Social Sector and Philanthropy in 2030: Four Scenarios


GHC Conversation 2011 - Learning From the Future


GHC Conversation 2010 - Making Sense of Our Commitment to Lasting Change Through Philanthropy


GHC Conversation 2009 - In Search of New Meaning: Philanthropy, Community, & Society






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