GHC was founded on the belief that every individual and each organization is capable of bringing about profound change in the world. We are personally and professionally committed to learning and, by choice, place ourselves where we can partner with like-spirited leaders, engaged continually in a process of discovery to deepen presence, impact, and value. We seek to be in the community of change makers.

How We Do It

By focusing on planning, strategy, philanthropy, and coaching as levers of change. We help you…

  • Recognize images of possibility
  • Learn from the future and adapt more quickly
  • Develop sustainable resource strategies
  • Have greater impact

What We Do

Our services are designed to help you lean into the future and be more:

  • Relevant - know what your target audiences want and need
  • Agile - imagine futures and chart paths with room to seize opportunity
  • Adaptable - evolve your organization to better meet needs
  • Intuitive - discovering leadership presence in pursuit of mastery, autonomy, and purpose
  • In right relation - listening and asking the right questions
  • Successful - achieving unprecedented goals

Tools and Results

Planning Strategy Philanthropy Coaching
  • Research
  • Business modeling
  • Planning processes
  • Scenario building
  • Vision deployment
  • and more
  • Gap analysis
  • Performance improvement processes
  • Strategy development / alignment
  • and more
  • Culture and program audits
  • Feasibility studies
  • Campaigns
  • Major gift programs
  • and more
  • Individual / team coaching
  • Consulting
  • Facilitation
  • Training / teaching
  • Board assessment / retreat design / facilitation
  • and more
Resulting In: Resulting In: Resulting In: Resulting In:
  • Decision making context
    and clarity
  • Greater ability to
    imagine and rehearse plausible futures
  • Goal ownership and alignment
  • Reduced drift
  • Efficiency and greater effectiveness
  • Stronger competitive position
  • Greater impact
  • A stronger, more reliable resource engine
  • Stronger, more connected constituents
  • Authentic gravitational pull
  • Confidence
  • Resilience
  • Purpose learning
  • Improved group behavior



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